About Us

What inspired me to start you and yours beauty.

The journey launching you and yours beauty started far before our soft launch in 2018. Our founder’s curiosity and wanderlust took him around the globe from Uk to China. Having lived over many years in China, exploring different cultures, having learned something new every time and always fascinated by local rituals, herbs and remedies, an idea started to emerge.

At the same time, Founder noticed that there weren’t many brands that stood out to his for being luxurious yet natural , sustainably sourced bio actives, using scientifically proven ingredients to deliver transforming results, and provide transparency across their supply chain. Our vision is to drive transparency from seed to skin to empower the customer to learn more about their skin, themselves and the ingredients they put on their skin. we also want to be a force of change and build a community that fosters sustainable living and protects the environment we live in. Thus, where possible, we go the extra mile and source our star ingredient directly from communities and invest back into those communities.

This makes us different and unique from other beauty brands as we want to provide clear labeling on our packaging, bottles and website, we want to provide transparency of our supply chain and source premier ingredients and also provide clarity when it comes what ingredients do what to transform your skin. We want to focus on the essential and simplify your skincare regime by eliminating the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.

    Our Office

Street No: 343, Office No 7, Building No: 71
Zone No: 39,
Al Sadd
Doha Qata

    Office Hours

Sunday-Wednesday 09am – 03pm (GMT)
Thursday 09am – 01pm (GMT)

Helping Your Skin

By helping your skin to stay healthy longer, manage the level of inflammation within the skin by addressing the cause and introducing a minimalist approach, we support you to have the best natural defense against various skin conditions and external environmental triggers.

Our Approach

Our approach is about investing in yourself. I’m very excited about our journey and believe that once you experience You and Yours , you will see and feel the difference.

Thank you for taking the time to read about our journey. We hope you share our passion